Phone Systems (VoIP & Analog)

Whether it be a single line or a hundred, we have the phone system for your business. We provide both standard analog and VoIP key and PBX systems from Comdial and Cisco Systems. Both of which are engineered and installed to meet your specific needs. Once installed, we provide maintenance services to keep it running and performing. If you have an older phone system, or you need to expand, call us today for a free consultation and quote.

Phone System Maintenance

Moves, Adds, and Changes are an inevitable part of a business phone system. Unless you are a phone system sales company, your core competencies probably lie elsewhere and the time spent maintaining your system could be better spent on running your business. Our technicians are skilled in maintaining a number of phone systems in order to build a customized maintenance plan for you. Let us take care of your phones.

Premise Wiring

The number one factor in network reliability is sound network cable design and installation. Data and voice communications require leading-edge cabling technology to provide reliable office communications and keep up with fast-paced change of technology. Prestige Phone has knowledgeable and experienced installers to provide all your premise and structured wiring needs. We can structure your cabling systems so to meet the challenges of today and the needs of tomorrow.

Update your office to accommodate today's fastest and most advanced systems. We install low voltage, CAT5e, CAT6e, fiber optic, coaxial and many other cabling standards. All cabling installations are clearly labeled and connections are tested and diagrammed upon completion. Installations include all hardware and limited or no service interruptions. Clean up that cabling nightmare in your computer room or office today with one simple call to Prestige Phone.

Other services we offer include:

  • Fiber Optics
  • Video Surveillance
  • Call Centers
  • Paging Systems