Fiber Optic Internet Service

Innova's newest offering is high speed internet via fiber optic lines. This is our fastest, most reliable internet connection that we have. We extend bandwidth plans to cover residential consumers, small businesses, and large corporations. For more information on getting connected, please visit Innova Communications' website at

Broadband Access via DSL and Dial-Up

Internet connectivity (or bandwidth) has become one of our required services. In business, it is the backbone of all we do. In our homes it is the link to communications, media and entertainment. We require it for browsing the web, to host our websites, email our customers, make telephone calls, for our data networks...the list goes on and on.

At, we understand this. Whether a small to medium business, large multi-office companies, teleworkers or SOHO (small office home office), they all need internet access and we can provide what is required in all of these scenarios. We supply DSL, T-1, Metro Ethernet and, yes good old dial-up. Our speeds range from 56K up to 100Mbps Let us help you determine what level of bandwidth you need

Voice over IP (VoIP) Services

Innova allows you to combine your phone and internet lines into one and to stop paying for two inbound connections. We offer many features with our VoIP systems including anonymous call rejection, call trace and hunting/grouping services. Also take advantage of our Unlimited Local Service. We offer our VoIP services to both residential and business customers.